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Dream Catcher Strategy

Dream Catcher Strategy

If you have ever frequented a notoriously attractive land based casino, you would have seen a magical wheel, one that spins fortune and makes dreams come true. This machine, or rather, a wheel of fortune is what is commonly known to humankind as a real life dream catcher. The mechanical invention has been one of the only man-made things to deliver everything dreams are made of. You stand to win millions, thousands or even just one magnificent gaming experience. Get the low down of this incredible game right here, right now. Everything you need to know about this live casino game is right here, and you may want to find out more as an online player as the game has been reinvented for the digital platform of online casino gaming.

About the Online Dream Catcher Strategy

Evolution Gaming, one of the most proficient gaming software developers in the industry, decided to dominate the casino gaming realm by adopting one of the most popular land based casino trends, the Dream Catcher.

This game is based on a glorious wheel, spinning magic, allowing players to gain rewards as the pin drops on the imaginative number that came into mind.

Why Is Dream Catcher Strategy So Easy?

The aim of the game is to guess where the pin will drop on the numbers you have chosen to make your wager upon. The wheel of fortune is based on 54 numbered slots, with the exception of 2 multiplier slots. You will only need to choose up to 10 numbers that you believe the pin will land on. If your bet involves at least 1 winning number, you will be paid out.

An example of this Dream Catcher strategy is as follows:

If you bet on the number, 6, 7 and 8, and the wheel lands on any or all of those numbers, you will be paid out in accordance. However, if it should land on these numbers and you also hit a luck by landing either a 2x or 7x multiplier, all your wins are, multiplied by the landing multiplier and your staked wager.
When you play at a land based casino, your wager is easily claimed. However, playing at an online casino, if you have chosen a legitimate one, one that has been audited for fair play gaming, your win is then claimed through the RNG (random number generator) which ensures you are paid out accordingly. All players are ensured that fair play gaming leaves them with equal payouts in accordance with wagers staked.

The layout of the wheel has been ideally created for a fair play which is spaced equally to ensure players receive their fair share of winnings.

Dream Catcher Strategy

If you are looking for a means to place a winning bet, you may want to consider the following strategy:
The highest wins on slots in the winning payout on 5, 10, 20 and 40. This is because you are covering more than half the wheel and still stand to unlock one of the multipliers. The multiplying slots are what increase winnings no matter the wagered amount. If you spread your bets around the wheel without overextending your bankroll, chances are you will hit a winning combination and if you are in Dream Catcher mode, your wheel will multiply your staked wager by at least double and if not, by at least x7!

Another factor to feature in is how you place your wagers. Don’t overspend your bankroll when you are aiming to perfect your Dream Catcher strategy, rather bet small on multiple numbers, that is until you get into the game and begin to understand how the paytable pays out. Once you have begun to familiarize yourself with the game, bet larger and on fewer numbers but limit your bankroll on these bets.

Playing Dream Catcher means that you need to understand how the wheel spins in favour of your bets, manage how you place your bets and have fun whilst doing so. The game is easy to grasp as a beginner and no matter how much you wager or how seasoned you are playing the game, its all about luck and having fun. How you choose to implement your Dream Catcher strategy is what determines how much fun you will have at the end of the day!