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How To Play Keno

how to play keno

What Is Keno?

Keno is a lottery style game with numbered balls ranging from 1 to 80. The aim of the game is to correctly choose a number of balls that are selected by a machine at land based casinos and an RNG (random number generator) at online casinos.

Though there is a ball machine used to select up to 20 random numbers, keno is played with cards where players would choose their numbers. The players are paid out in accordance with how many numbers they have matched to the draw and how much they wagered on the numbers.

Understanding the Keno Glossary

In order for you to know how to play keno, you will need to understand the terminology used in the betting realm. This can be the difference between a win and a loss. Let’s take a look to see how the keno pros refer to features in the game.

Spot – A number that a player would select to bet upon.
The Ticket – The sheet (ticket) used for players to select numbers.
The Race – The game you are playing.
Catching a spot – Referred to when a player’s pick of number matches the number chosen to pay out.
Pay table – Pay table of rewards for various combinations, numbers, symbols, lines and so forth.

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Choose a Trusted Keno Casino
The very step to playing keno would be to find an online casino that is reliable and offers the game. Make sure you have done your homework before signing up with the casino. Check the licensing, registration as well whether or not the casino has been audited to prove fair gaming which allows players equal chances of winning while playing keno.

Once you have established the authenticity of your chosen casino, you would need to sign up and then you would move onto playing the game.

Choose Your Spots
You would need to choose numbers that you think would be the lucky numbers to be drawn. While more traditional casinos only allow for 10 spots to be selected, modern casinos allow for anything between 12 spots and 15 spots. Naturally, a payout would depend on how many spots have been chosen and how many won.

Placing Bets
Placing a bet is probably the easiest thing you’ll ever need to do in keno. There are betting strategies you can adopt if you are only just learning how to play keno. For example, some players prefer to place lower bets on a larger quantity of spots and races. Then there are the high rollers who hone in on certain spots so they choose fewer spots and wager more on the chosen spots.

Choosing Races
As mentioned above, races are keno games played. Players tend to choose a number of games and bet the same spots on several races. Some players bet the same spots on up to 10 races as it is allowed and after a season, players tend to grow fond of ‘lucky’ numbers running in sequence.

How Payouts Are Calculated
It’s difficult to give the exact payout ratio as casino payouts vary from one casino to the next. However, there is a basic structure followed by all casinos. Players are paid out for winning spots selected and depending on their wagers, they are paid out accordingly. How many spots you catch will determine how much the casino owes you in winnings. Be sure to check the wagering requirements and terms before playing with the casino.

Keno Odds

When you learn how to play keno do not feel deterred by the low odds. Odds are what work against players and in favour of the casino. Despite keno having a high house edge, roughly around 20% which is staggering compared to roulette at a small edge 2.07%, there is still a massive demand for the game and keno remains one of the most popular casino games to date.

Keno Strategy

Just like any other casino game, you cannot ensure a win. So, make sure you use the following information wisely:

Managing Your Bankroll
While you may be eager to place lower bets on more spots, make sure you don’t spread your wagers too far apart over spots so that your loss is bigger than your win.

Pick 10 Spots
Choose 10 numbers, to begin with, bet small to big until you are better acquainted with the game.

Choose a Keno Casino
Choose casinos famous for keno gaming, this will allow you a wider variety of betting.

Join Keno Forums
When you learn how to play keno you should join a forum where players could give you strategic advice on winning spots and races.

The rest is up to you and the aim of the game is to have fun. Manage your bankroll and enjoy the game and there is absolutely nothing to lose and only everything to win!