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How to Play Starburst

How to play starburst

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What is Starburst Slot?

Starburst™ slot machine game is a universally popular video slot by leading game provider Net Entertainment. This space-themed online casino game has an energized global fan base. Optimised for Safari browsers, but available on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge, Starburst slot is true next-level entertainment. Fashioned off a traditional 5 x 3 reel grid format with 10 fixed paylines in play, Starburst meets the requirements of an engaging and rewarding video slots game.

Cutting-edge technology makes Starburst the must-play attraction. It features Starburst Wilds, Win Both Ways, and the opportunity to score up to 50,000 coins in payouts. Among its many fine attributes are its spectacular audio-visual elements, and its space-themed gameplay. Upon release, Starburst by NetEnt was light-years ahead of its competition. This classic-style slot is jazzed up for the modern age with a glittering ensemble of Gemstones, Bars, Red 7s, and the inimitable Starburst Wild symbol. At its core, Starburst is an outer-space adventure where players get to embark upon a warp speed experience in a blinding flash of light.

How to Play Starburst Video Slot?

Like any interactive online slot, it’s best to fully immerse yourself in the paytable, and the rules of play. Starburst is remarkably easy to play, courtesy of a user-friendly interface, powerful gaming technology, and a dreamscape of symbols cascading down the reels. The first order of business is selecting your coin value, a.k.a. your bet size. Coin values start from as little as £0.01, and rise in value to £1.00. The left and right green arrow buttons alongside the coin value amount allow you to change your bets accordingly. Click left for a small bet and right for a bigger bet.

Starburst also features Bet Levels. These are positioned just left of the Autoplay button. The standard Bet Level is 1, and the maximum Bet Level is 10. By toggling the left/right arrow buttons, you multiply your total bet by the value of the bet level. Recall that your total bet size (as indicated in the Bet Box on the left of the screen) is the Coin Value X 10 lines. The following combinations of Coin Values and Bet Levels determines your total bet size:

  • £1.00 + Bet Level 1 = Total Bet Value of £10
  • £1.00 + Bet Level 2 = Total Bet Value of £20
  • £1.00 + Bet Level 3 = Total Bet Value of £30
  • £1.00 + Bet Level 4 = Total Bet Value of £40
  • £1.00 + Bet Level 5 = Total Bet Value of £50

When you wager £1.00 at a Bet Level of 10, the total wager for the spin is £100. Naturally, the total bet value changes with your bet size, but is uninfluenced by the paylines, since that remains constant at 10 fixed paylines in play at all times. Once you have selected your coin value and your bet level in Starburst slot game, click the green button with circular arrows. That initiates a slot sequence which could yield a generous payout for lucky players. This classic-style slot machine game with fully upgraded in-game mechanics makes for an appealing slot machine game. Starburst slot routinely captivates the attention of casual players with its dazzling gemstones and blinding flashes of light when Starburst wilds form in combination.

Some players liken the Bet Levels to different types of astronaut training programs that real-life space cadets can encounter during their training regimen. These include the following:

  • Space Flight Engineer
  • Payload Specialist
  • Educator Mission Specialist
  • International Mission Specialist
  • Flight Engineer
  • Mission Specialist
  • Payload Commander
  • Pilot
  • Commander

Special Features of Starburst Slot Game

At first glance, it’s easy to be swept off your feet in this truly epic outer-space adventure. The many in-game features are out in full force, at your fingertips. They include Max Bet Functionality, Autoplay Functionality and, Starburst Wilds. Let’s explore each of these three features in more detail so that you can derive maximum benefit from them.

Max Bet Functionality

The Max Bet button is a particularly interesting one. When you click it, then Starburst slot machine game automatically ramps up to Bet Level 10 at the current coin value. Since there are only 10 paylines in play at any given time, and the maximum coin value is £1, the Max Bet can be no greater than £10 X 10 = £100 per spin.

Autoplay Functionality

The Autoplay button allows players to automatically spin a preset number of times at a specific bet value. With Autoplay, you can spin from 10 – 1000 times and disable it at any time. The autoplay function is best for players who are away from their computer, Mac or mobile, or otherwise engaged online. You can disable autoplay by simply clicking on the autoplay button.

Starburst Wilds

Starburst Wilds are unique to this game. The Starburst symbol is a multi-coloured star that lights up in a blinding white light across the reels. The Starburst Wild can substitute for all symbols to form winning combinations. However, it only appears on reels 2, 3, 4 in the game. Players can win re-spins with Starburst Wilds, with a minimum of 3 re-spins offered.

All that’s required to activate the Starburst Wild feature is 1+ Starburst Wild symbol.

High-Paying Symbols & Low-Paying Symbols

Like any top-tier video slot game, Starburst slots features an array of high-paying symbols and low-paying symbols. Collectively, these symbols make the game exciting, helping players to form winning combinations. There are Super Combos and Mega Combos when Starburst Wilds form in combination with other symbols. We begin with the high-paying symbols:

High-Paying Symbols

  • Gold Bar Orb
  • Spinning Red 7
  • Yellow Diamond
  • Emerald

Low-Paying Symbols

  • Citrine
  • Amethyst
  • Sapphire

The payouts listed in the paytable are for Bet Level 1. As you go up from Bet Level 1 to Bet Level 10, the payouts increase sharply. As with all video slots games, only the highest payouts are made per line, starting from the leftmost reel to the rightmost reel, and from the rightmost reel to the leftmost reel.

*Malfunctions void all plays and pays in Starburst slot machine game.

Starburst Slot Machine on Android and iOS Devices

Being the interactive video slot game that it is, Starburst is readily available to players on PC, Mac, and mobile devices. That means you can play Starburst machine on Android and iOS devices too. There are two ways to do this. Either navigate directly to the online casino’s URL direct from your mobile device, or download the app for Android or iOS to get started.

Mobile optimised gaming is a big part of the appeal for Starburst slots. NetEnt software is internationally renowned as the premier provider of mobile optimised gaming, and Starburst certainly lives up to expectations. You can download the online casino app for iOS at the App Store to get started. It’s free to download and install the apps, and the game powers up instantly.

You have the option to play Starburst slot game in demo mode or real money mode. You can practice your Starburst tactics and strategies, including bankroll management techniques in demo before you sign up, claim your deposit, and play for real money.

When you play on mobile, you get an optimised experience for the limited screen size of your mobile gaming device. While all the features and functions of a desktop-ready game may not be available, you will experience a power-packed dynamo on your Android or iOS with Starburst on the go.

Starburst Game Statistics

Software Provider NetEnt
Jackpot No Jackpot
Paylines 10 Fixed Paylines
Free Spins No Free Spins
Wild Feature Yes
RTP 96.1%
Special Features Starburst Wild

Summary of How to Play Starburst Slot Machine Game

Starburst slot machine game is first and foremost an intergalactic adventure. Set against the midnight sky with shooting stars zipping past your screen at warp speed, Starburst is an event horizon-style slot game. Players are tasked with forming winning combinations of symbols on the reels. These include gold bars, red 7 orbs, and many different precious gemstones. Rubies, sapphires, citrines, emeralds, and amethysts too. Recall that the maximum payout in Starburst slot machine game is 50,000 coins.

The high-paying symbols, and low-paying symbols come together to create an out-of-this-world experience for players. It’s best to play Starburst slot machine game with the music cranked all the way up so that the deep space sounds can be enjoyed. You can play on PC, Mac, or mobile – at your leisure. The apps are free to download and install for Android and iOS devices. Simply choose your bet size, your bet level, and click the green & white circular arrows spin button to fire up the game.