Slot machines have come a long way since their invention way back in 1891! Standing the test of time, slots have made their way from bars to casinos and onto our computers and mobile devices. These days we can conveniently play online slots in the comfort of our own homes or play on the go with mobile slots. Online casinos such as Wink Slots enable us to enjoy the thrill of the game, no matter where we are. But what is it about slots in particular that keeps us coming back for more? Here are 10 reasons why we love to play slots:

different types of slots games

  • So many different types of slots games to choose from

    - For those who get bored with the classic fruit slots machines, they can choose between countless styles of slots games designed to suit every taste. Evolving technology has brought us multi line slots, Cleopatra slots, spin the wheel and ever changing slots symbols and buttons. These days, online casinos take inspiration from popular culture, movies, celebs and television shows, bringing us high quality graphics and beautifully designed online games. Wink Slots employ the industry's most talented game designers to ensure you have the best slots game experience possible.
  • Take advantage of amazing slots promotions and bonus offers

    - Many online casinos offer incredible slots bonuses. You will usually receive a generous welcome slots bonus when you sign up as well as loyalty bonuses along the way. Take advantage of no deposit free spins too! Online bonuses help to improve our chances of winning at slots.
  • Minimum skill required

    - Unlike casino table games which involve quite a bit of skill and mathematical prowess, online slots require minimum effort and thought processing. There is such a thing as winning slot machine strategy, but not every player believes it is essential in order to succeed. The idea is simply to press the button, enjoy, and if you're lucky hit the slots jackpot!
  • No need to deal with other people

    - Even in a non virtual setting, slots is a relatively private casino game. You don't need to deal with a table dealer or somebody interfering with your game decisions plus there is no need to wait for other players to join the game. Simply make a credit card or PayPal deposit into your online slot machine and start playing!
  • You set your own pace

    - Many casino games are quite stressful and require you to act or make decisions quickly. With online video slots games you call the shots and decide when and how to play. You can choose the simplest five reel or three row slots or go for more complicated games involving 30 pay lines, the choice is yours. You can even practice with zero commitment with free no deposit slots.
  • Mindless fun

    - Online slots and mobile slots games are a great way to let off steam. With the incredible variety of cool and well designed slots games you can enjoy low risk fun combined with the thrill and possibility of winning big. To keep it enjoyable, you can discover the best slots games and new features by keeping up with the latest online slots reviews, articles and blogs.

Why we love slots

  • It's just you and the machine

    - As we said earlier, with online slots there are no dealers or time restrictions to interfere with your game. You can play when you want and with mobile slots games you can play wherever you want. For those with a slow computer or device it is possible to play no download slots. This can come in handy if you are not allowed to download software at work! It is also possible to play free no deposit slots - free slots offer you the chance to practice and familiarize yourself with the game before depositing real money. When you are ready to deposit, rest assured that online casinos make it easier than ever for you to play by providing fast cash-outs and multi currencies plus multiple language and payment options.
  • Great time filler

    - Online slots is a great way to pass time. You can play for as long or as little as you need, whether you are settling down to a long session in your arm chair, or a quick game on the go. With mobile slots you can transform those dull moments; waiting in line, sat in the doctor's office, on the tube or even on a plane, There's no need to be bored anymore!
  • Massive jackpot potential

    - It's not just a myth, online slots provide the opportunity to win big money and with very little effort or risk. Progressive slots can yield jackpots worth hundreds of thousands of Euros and you really don't need much to be in with a chance. People have hit it big with as little as 3! With slots bonuses and free bonus rounds your odds of winning can be increased even further.