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Online Retro Slots

Online retro slots

The types of slots you can play online are as varied as the people that play them. Over the last few decades, developers have embraced various trends and always moved with the times. However, the one thing they haven’t flip flopped on is their love of the classics. When you scroll through the Wink’s best online slot machines lobby, you’ll find multiple tributes to old school spinners.

Why? Well, game developers always like to remember their roots. However, the real reason is that these types of slots are extremely entertaining, as any slot fan will tell you. Indeed, there’s a reason we’ve seen fruits, bells, bars and sevens spin for the best part of a century. To show you what we mean, here’s a quick guide to retro slots and all they entail.

What Are Online Retro Slots?

In simple terms, retro slots are those that mimic the dynamics of fruit slot machines. The main way you can distinguish these type of slots from modern offerings is the number of reels they feature. In general, traditional online slots have three reels while modern video slots feature five.

Another way to tell retro from modern spinners is the number of paylines they feature. Although it can vary, online fruit machines have between one and five paylines (typically never more than ten). In contrast, because video slots have five reels and more symbols, they’ll often boast 25+ paylines.

The final feature that defines retro slots is their symbols. Again, this isn’t always true, but many of the top titles feature one or more of the following, for that nostalgic vibe:

  • Fruit (grapes, oranges, lemons etc)
  • Bells
  • Sevens
  • Bars

Retro Online Slots

Here at Wink Slots, we’ve got plenty of retro slots offerings. Because we understand the allure of nostalgia and the inherent dynamics of these classics, we’ve got a broad spectrum of titles. Some of the best online fruit machines we offer are:

Why You Should Play Retro Slots Online

When you’re surveying slots online, there are literally thousands of options. With that being the case, you’ll be wondering why you should choose retro titles over their modern counterparts. As you’d expect, the choice will always be your own. However, when you ask the average slots player, you’ll find they love traditional spinners for these reasons:

Faster: Because retro slots feature fewer reels and paylines, the action ticks over at a faster rate. Although the difference per spin might only be fractions of a second, these fractions build up. Therefore, it’s possible to say three-reel fruit slot machines allow you to make more bets per hour than video slots.

Simpler: Having dozens of paylines, symbols and bonus features is great. However, if you’re a newbie, video slots can be a little tricky to understand. Retro slots are a lot easier to digest simply because you only have to track three reels and, in most instances, line up matching symbols in the centre of the game.

Cheaper: The other benefit of having fewer reels and paylines is that the cost per spin is low. For example, if you set the coin size to 0.10 and there was only one payline, you’d pay 0.10 coin per spin. In contrast, if a video slot has 10 fixed paylines and the minimum coin size was 0.10, you’d have to pay 1 credit per spin (10 x 0.10). Therefore, in many situations, retro slots are more affordable.

To sample these benefits for yourself, join Wink Slots today and take a turn on our retro classics.