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Scratch Cards & Instant Win Games

Scratch cards & instant win games

Online casino players have never had more choice. Along with classic table games such as roulette and blackjack, there are hundreds of slot machines and poker games offering gaming fun around the clock. Some games require a little time to play while others give you a chance to win in an instant. Here at Wink Slots, we have a great choice of online scratch cards and instant win games based on many popular slot machine themes.

About Online Scratch Cards

Online scratchcards are an enhanced version of the scratch cards you can buy in local shops. The idea is to reveal the hidden symbols or numbers on the screen to see if you are an instant winner. On a traditional scratch card, you would use your fingernail or a coin to scratch away the foil and reveal the symbols below. But with an online scratch card game, the methods of revealing the symbols can be much more entertaining.

How to play Scratchcards & Instants

On the Asteroids instant game, you must select your coin value and then push the play button to fire your lasers and smash the asteroids to reveal the gems hidden inside. The gems are automatically collected, and prizes are awarded if three gems are matched. Different gems have different multiplier values which are applied to your stake to determine your prize.
If blasting space rocks isn’t enough fun for you, you can always check out the Gorilla Go Wild scratch card game, where you simply click your cursor on a segmented picture of Gary the Gorilla to reveal the symbols below. Match three symbols of one or more objects for an instant win, with symbols including bananas, coins, temples and other jungle creatures like monkeys and toucans.

Coin Value: The coin value on Asteroids ranges from $0.50 up to $5.00.
Game Objective: Just match three out of nine symbols to win
Game Symbols: In the Asteroids scratch game, the symbols are all precious gems, each with their own value.

Instant win rules

Here are just a few rules you can expect to find when playing instant win games:

  • Match 3 identical symbols to win.
  • In the Asteroid game, the stake is multiplied by the value of the winning gem.
  • Incomplete games may finish automatically or remain pending until the player returns to the game.
  • Malfunctions in gameplay result in a void game.
  • The RTP (return to player) value on Asteroid Scratch is 94.79%.
  • There is an Autoplay function to which a loss limit can be applied.

Game stats

Paytable: Scratch and Instant win games feature a paytable showing the value of each symbol.
Game Features: Players can scratch symbols one at a time or reveal all in an instant.
Clock: In order to manage gameplay, there is a clock to show the length of the current session.
Autobet: Players can set the game to play automatically for a set number of rounds at the desired coin value. This feature can be deactivated at any time.

Mobile Functionality

All WinkSlots scratch card and instant win games are compatible with all popular Android and iOS devices. Just download our wink slots mobile app from the relevant app store to get up and running.