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Slots Dictionary: The Lingo You Need To Know

Have you ever come across a slot machine where you’re left feeling utterly bemused yet somewhat puzzled about what all of the buttons and phrases mean, and how to use them?

Slots are no longer as simple as the 3-reel masterpieces, where all you had to do was insert your coins and pull the reel. While you can still opt for these simplistic yet exciting games, the online slots world has opened up a wealth of new, and thrilling yet complex slot machines where the lingo is almost like a foreign language!

At WINK Slots, we’ve heard your cries and moans, and have come up with a solution to all of your problems – our very own Slots Dictionary! Here, we’ll be taking you through all of the different terms, phrases and lingo that you need to know, in order to play some of the more complicated, yet utterly immersive games on our site.

3-Reel – This is the most traditional type of slot machine that you can find across the web, and here at WINK Slots too! As the term suggests, these slots machines consist of three individual reels, and typically they will have three rows of symbols. These machines are most commonly associated with traditional fruit machines.

5-Reel – These are more advanced slot machines, and have a total of five reels. Typically, these slot machines will also have a video slot feature, with three or four rows of symbols.

Bet – This phrase is referred to as the total cash that you wager on each spin.

Bet Max – Also shown as ‘Max Bet’, Bet Max is simply the maximum bet that you can place on that slot machine.

Bonus Game – This is a special feature which you can find on a huge number of the slot machines featured here at WINK Slots, and when you play these games, you can also enjoy the chance to win free games or other prizes.

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Coins – Similar to bet, this is the actual cash which players use to make the bets they are placing.

Coin Size – This is the size of the coin which players are wagering on each spin.

Free Spins – These are essentially spins that you can use on a slot machine, without having to wager any money. These are often triggered by a bonus round on a slot machine but also may be triggered by a promotion.

Fruit Machine – This is often associated as the cousin of the slot machine, and operates in a very similar manner.

JackpotJackpots can range from a small bonus to a life-changing sum, and is the maximum amount that you can win on the slot machine.

Multi-line – Some slot machines, especially the 3-reels, will only have one payline, meaning the symbols must match this in order to provide the player with a win. However, multi-line slot machines can offer more opportunities to win.

Multiplier – A multiplier can be a bonus feature seen on some games, and if you unlock this, the amount that you win will be multiplied by whatever the multiplier suggests.

My Slot – This is an innovative new feature on some sites, where you can customise and tailor your very own slot machine as you play!

Payline – This is the line of symbols which are required in order to provide you with a win. This will be displayed on the pay table.

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Pay Table – Unfortunately the pay table doesn’t just provide you with a number of wins for the sake of it, and instead displays all of the pay lines which you can enjoy.

Random Number Generator – This is an independently audited software which helps to ensure that all slot machines are fair and are not being manipulated by the site they are placed on. All of the slot machines here at WINK Slots are run by Random Number Generators.

RTP (Return To Player) – This is the pay-out which is given out by the online slot over time. For example, an RTP of 98% means the slot machine will pay out £98 for every £100 wagered.

Scatter – This is an exciting feature on many slot machines, and will pay out in combinations when it lands on your reels – no matter where it lands!

Stacked Symbols – When symbols land on top of each other, they become stacked, and some games will give you extra pay outs for this.

Stacked Wilds – In a similar way to how stacked symbols appear, Wild symbols can also stack up, however these can provide you with even more of a win.

Win-Both-Ways – This type of slot machine will award you for any paylines whether they run left-to-right or run right-to-left.

Here at WINK Slots, we aim to ensure that your gaming experience is as simple as possible, and with the help of our Slots Dictionary, you should be well on your way to working your way around even the most complex slot games. Sign up with WINK Slots and start playing, today!