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The Slots Odds Guide


Online slots allow players to bet on paylines, or groups of symbols, on a machine with at least three rows and three reels. The reels run vertically and spin when you trigger the slot, while the rows run horizontally. The slot machine uses a random number generator (RNG) to produce the symbols that appear on the rows and reels. If you get a winning combination on a payline, you get the assigned monetary reward. Online slots are the same as physical slots except that you don’t have to visit a casino in person to play them.

Can You Rig the System?

You have no way to tell which numbers or symbols will display on a mobile slots game. Instead, the RNG determines the next symbols, so you can’t rig the system to improve your odds. However, your odds improve in certain conditions.

For example, when you play a mobile slots game for an extended time, your odds of winning increase dramatically. The scenario is like the odds of a coin toss. The more you toss the coin, the more your chosen side will appear. Additionally, you might increase your odds of winning if you bet the max coin. You typically open up more paylines, which translates to more chances to win.

What Is the Difference between Physical and Mobile Slot Odds?

The math involved with online slots proves far more complex than the math involved with physical slots. Instead of a machine’s internal components, online slots use RNGs and many variables to determine which symbols pop up on a screen. Additionally, online video slots offer more diverse winning combinations, paylines, and jackpot options.

Research shows that consumers — particularly millennials — have adopted online gaming at an increasingly rapid rate. Physical or land-based slots require players to visit a destination at a particular time. You can play mobile slots anywhere and at any time, which makes them far more accessible. Since you’ll likely spend more time playing mobile slots than land-based slots, your odds of winning can increase.

How Do You Calculate Your Odds of Winning?

Odds represent how many times a desired outcome occurs versus how many times it doesn’t occur. When you calculate your odds of winning, you can make smarter betting decisions. You can express these odds as a percentage or a ratio. For example, when flipping a coin, you have a 50 percent chance of getting tails. The odds can also be expressed as a ratio, 1:2. The first number represents favourable outcomes (winning), and the second describes your odds of losing. In the simplest slots, you have three reels and three rows with perhaps six symbols. If you multiply six by six by six, you get 216. You can then add how many possible winning combinations exist. If you have 200 possible combinations, your odds are 200/216, which is 92.5 percent.

Odds get more complicated with more complex slots. You have to take into account bonuses, multipliers, and jackpots. For example, the odds of winning a progressive jackpot get better as the jackpot gets larger. More people play the slot and tend to bet max coin.

Keep in mind that probability and odds aren’t the same. Probability expresses how many times a desired event will occur in a specific amount of trials. In other words, probability tells you how many times you’re likely to win based on the number of lever pulls on a slot machine.

You calculate probability by dividing the number of lever pulls by the number of potential outcomes. For example, if you play a slot machine 100 times, and you have 200 possible outcomes, the probability becomes 50 percent (100/200). While probability isn’t always important when playing slots, you can focus on increasing both probability and odds to maximise your winning percentage.

What Is the Pay Table?

A pay table illustrates your best chances of winning money on an online slot. This table will show you symbol combinations as well as credits and other information. Learning the pay table before you play can help you bet more intelligently, especially if you’re new to online slots.

This point is especially true of mobile slots that include multipliers, bonuses, and other ways to win. Traditional slots only paid out when you matched three pieces of fruit on the center row. Now, with digital technology and mobile gaming, a single mobile slot can offer dozens of ways to win.

Mobile Online Slots Odds

What Factors Influence Mobile Online Slots Odds?

When you play mobile online slots, you have to consider more than the mathematics in odds calculation. Other factors can influence your odds of winning a given game. Players should consider the following main two factors when choosing mobile slots:

  1. Payout percentages: These figures are the percentages of money that a slot pays out in comparison to the amount of money bet on that slot. Low payout percentages might cause you to lose money faster, while high payout percentages can help you maximise every bet.
  2. Slot variance: Some slots pay out smaller amounts more often, while others pay out less often, but offer bigger winnings. Players can use their own risk tolerance to decide which slot variance suits them. If you have a low risk tolerance, focus on games that pay out more often. Conversely, if you’re more daring, go for the slots that offer a big cash prize, but at a reduced frequency.

You can also calculate different types of odds. For example, maybe you don’t want to know your odds of winning in any combination, but you’re interested in your odds of winning the jackpot. Progressive jackpots get bigger until somebody wins, while flat jackpots stay the same, and anyone can win at any time.

You calculate jackpot odds the same way you do any other odds, but you only use the possible jackpot combinations. Some mobile online slots might have only one or two jackpot combinations, while others might have 20 or more. If you play games with multiple jackpot combinations, you increase your odds of winning.

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Wherever you play, however, you can use this guide to calculate your odds of winning on mobile slots. Knowing the mathematics behind odds and probability will make you a more skilled player.