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Slot of the Month: Treasure Fair

Slot of the Month: Treasure Fair

It wasn’t hard to pick out this month’s favorite online slot game. Here at Wink Slots, we only select the finest and Treasure Fair is in a class of its own. Designed by the amazing online gaming pioneers at Random Logic, Treasure Fair is enticingly dark and beautiful, plus it’s packed with features. Treasure Fair is essentially a classic 5 reel video slot game with 25 paylines, however there is a lot more lurking beneath the surface. The game is set in a fairground of old, far darker and spookier than the ones we were used to as children. It feels like a macabre version of a Tim Burton film, with its sepia tones, spooky antique imagery and spine chilling background music. Needless to say, the characters of the game are perfectly cast with their grim, taunting and seductive qualities.

Who Might You Encounter In Treasure Fair?

Treasure Fair features two main characters, the Ring Master and the Monkey. They are at the forefront of the game, guiding us through our slots journey. The remaining circus performers represent our high value symbols. Read more about the spooky cast members below:


  • The Circus Ring Master is an old lanky figure but whose presence is large. He is unmistakable with his perfectly put together brown suit, top hat and cane. His face is withdrawn and creepy. As he watches over you, you can’t help but wonder whether he wants you to win or die!
  • The Monkey is a mischievous little animal. Sitting on the right side of your screen, he squeals and jumps when he gets excited. The monkey can also help you double your winnings (or lose them if it’s a bad day). When you click on the ‘double up’ button, the monkey will flip a coin for you. You can select heads or tails to double your money!
  • The Fire Eater is Treasure Fair’s most innocent looking figure, with her red locks and soft features. She is the most high valued symbol and could help you win up to £1500 (or your currency equivalent).
  • The Clown in Treasure Fair is as spooky as clowns get! He is second in value with his top prize coming in at £800 (or your currency equivalent).
  • The Fortune Teller can give you a top prize of £500 (or your currency equivalent). Perhaps he can also tell you if you will win the jackpot.
  • The Strong Man is not one to be messed with. With his unparalleled strength and masked face, you should be very afraid. Land on five Strong Men and you could win £300 (or your currency equivalent)!
  • The Policeman upholds the law in Treasure Fair, making sure things don’t become too twisted and dangerous. The Policeman could help you win up to £100 (or your currency equivalent).

Note that lower value symbols come in the forms of letters and the wild symbol is labeled WILD in big red letters!

What Special Features Might You Stumble Across In Treasure Fair?

What Special Features Might You Stumble Across In Treasure Fair?

Treasure Fair is not short of thrills. Here are a just a few features you should watch out for:

  • Auto Play: Sit back and watch the world spin with the Auto Play Feature. You can make the reels spin for you automatically plus you can control the number of spins, up to as many as 75 times with zero effort!
  • Wheel of Fortune: This feature will only be unlocked if you land on three of the bonus symbols on reels 2, 3 and 4. Spin the wheel to find out which bonus games and multipliers you will get to play. In the bonus games you can win up to five times your total bet!
  • Exploding Wild: You will only encounter an Exploding Wild on the third reel. When the WILD symbol explodes it spews out another four WILDS which will land randomly across the reels, triggering free spins.
  • Progressive Jackpot: Treasure Fair is a progressive slots game, meaning that it has a jackpot which gets bigger and bigger until somebody wins. The jackpot total appears in the top right corner of the game and winnings are given out randomly. Treasure Fair is among Random Logic’s most popular slots games and it yields incredibly high jackpots, in the hundreds of thousands!
  • Double Your Money: As we mentioned earlier, you have the opportunity to double your money by clicking on the ‘double up’ button and asking the Monkey to flip a coin for you.

Our Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a classy and thrilling slots game that has top quality, high production values and tons of features, then Starburst is the one for you. As well as being entertaining and a delight to look at, you also have some good odds of winning big, what with all the bonus games, Starburst is definitely worth a go!