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What is Slingo

What is Slingo

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How did Slingo Come About?

The answer to the question is actually in the question itself. Slingo is the fusion of Slots and Bingo. That’s where the name Slingo comes from. Judging from the word, it is more closely related to Bingo than Slots, but elements of both games are evident in Slingo. For this reason, many players consider Slingo to be a hybrid game. It marries the best of slots and the best of bingo for a fun-filled gaming experience.

Slingo is more accurately described as ‘Slots meets Bingo’ with an abundance of feature-filled elements designed to ramp up the excitement and rewards for players. For example, Slingo games typically include Jokers, Super Jokers, and Devils in addition to standard numbers. In a slot machine game, each of the symbols on the reels form in combination to award payouts. In Slingo these symbols are dispensed with, and largely replaced by numbers. Many Slingo games are now available to players at online casinos and online slots sites.

Think of Slingo Starburst, Slingo Reel King, Slingo Lucky Streak, Slingo Fluffy Favourites, Slingo Fortunes, Slingo Classic, Slingo Riches, and Slingo Showdown, among others. They are incredibly popular casino attractions in the United Kingdom and Europe, with well over 1200+ games to choose from. It’s worth pointing out that many slot machine games have been converted into Slingo games for players to enjoy. Slingo attractions are designed for PC, Mac, and mobile gameplay.

How is Slingo Similar to Bingo?

In bingo games, typically 75 ball bingo games, players are presented with a 5 x 5 grid containing 24 numbers. The centre square in a 75-ball bingo game is gifted to players. In Slingo games, there are 5 x 5 grids with the same format as a traditional bingo game. In other words, the first column on the leftmost reel contains numbers 1-15. The second reel/column from the left contains numbers 16-30. The third reel from the left contains numbers 31-45. The fourth reel from the left contains numbers 46-60. The first reel a.k.a. the rightmost reel contains numbers 61-75. In this way, Slingo is closely related to 75 ball bingo. Read on for a better idea of what is slingo.

Players have 10 complimentary spins per game. Within those 10 spins, you are required to match numbers on the bottom reel (typically the bottom line with grayed-out numbers) with numbers on the grid. The grid is your playing card so to speak. You don’t need to worry about searching for numbers and manually matching them – it’s automatically done for you.

Better yet, numbers are matched according to the correct reel where they are supposed to be. So, 15 would automatically appear on the first reel from the left, while number 75 would appear on the last reel on the right. Whenever the randomly generated Slingo numbers match with any of the numbers on your Slingo reels, they will be starred.

As in bingo, the objective is to form winning lines – in this case they are known as Slingos. A line can be vertical (up/down), horizontal (left/right), or diagonal (corner to corner). The more Slingos you form on your grid, the quicker you advance up the ladder on the left-hand side of your screen. Take a look at the ladder for a second.

You will see the bottom rung listed as 1 Slingo. That’s precisely what you form when you’ve completed your first Slingo. As you complete additional winning Slingos, you will advance up the ladder accordingly. Halfway up the Slingo ladder, at position 5, you’ll start to notice feature rounds. There are 7 feature rounds with Slingo games, and that’s where the big prizes are.

How is Slingo Similar to Slots?

Slingo is a fusion of Slots and Bingo. The slots component is pretty easy to figure out. With a slot machine game, you place a bet, and click the spin button. In Slingo, you do the same. You place your bet by choosing your appropriate bet size based on your bankroll, and your risk preference. Once you’ve chosen your bet, click start game.

If autoplay is active, the game will automatically spin through 10 spins, and pause whenever the equivalent of Jokers, Super Jokers, or Devils appear on your reels. Once you have completed 10 spins, you should assess where you’re at on the Slingo ladder on the left of your screen. Is it worth it for you to wager more money to try and fill up your Slingo grid? If so, you will have to buy in at a higher price to spin the reels.

Just like slots, you can always see how much you are wagering on any given spin. That’s known as your bet size. You also see your available balance, and the total that you have staked to date in your current round of play. As you advance up the ladder, you will notice the cost for the whole game gets pretty steep. Keep things in check, and you could just walk away with a sack full of cash, if lady luck is with you. Now you’ve got a much clearer understanding of what slingo is.

Naturally, the better you perform in the bonus rounds of play – just like slots – the bigger your total paydays. At any point during additional spins – where you have to pay for them – you can always end the game, go to the bonus rounds, and collect your cash. You don’t need to play all the way until you have formed a full house. Fortunately, the substitute symbols a.k.a. the wilds will help you to get there much quicker – just like they do in slots games.

Once the bonus rounds end, you will be taken back to the main game, much like what happens in a traditional video slot game. While you can certainly discontinue at any point, the more slingos you have the bigger your bonuses + multipliers will be. Just like slots, the bigger your bets, the more you stand to win.

We encourage you to play responsibly at all times – that means play within your budget, and never chase your losses. You can even play your choice of Slingo games in demo mode – no real money required. This is a great way to see the features, functions, and winning potential of these types of games.

What Makes Slingo Unique?

Slingo is unique in every sense of the word. It blends the all-star appeal of interactive video slot machine games with the number-matching prowess of bingo. For a game to be appealing to players, it needs to be simple and lots of fun. With Slingo, you are tasked with matching the randomly generated numbers with the numbers on your 5 x 5 grid. As you advance up the ladder, you get all sorts of bonuses, benefits, and in-game rounds to play through.

At any time, you have the option to cash out, and head straight to the bonus round where you can add some winnings to your bankroll. Many have likened Slingo to Bingo + Keno, and to a degree that is true as well. It is similar to a lottery style draw where the more numbers you match, the bigger your prizes. Players do have plenty of control over the game. You get to pick where your Wild symbols will go in the columns above each wild, or anywhere on the grid with the Super Wilds.  Each game’s bonus rounds are truly special. You only need to play different Slingo games to appreciate that.

How Much Can You Win on Slingo? 

The amount of money that you can win depends on a host of factors, notably your bet size, and the number of slingos you have formed on the ladder. The higher you go, the greater the number of free spins and/or picks you get. Obviously, maximum payload is achieved on maximum bets, but things can get very expensive with Slingo, so play with caution. While you can certainly complete a 5 x 5 grid by continuing to bet – it’ll cost you. As a player, it is imperative that you assess the viability of paying money for every additional spin. Will the cost/benefit ratio pay off? That’s the question!

Plus, you have to make it through to at least 5 Slingos before you start seeing some serious money winning potential. That’s because at level 5, you will have access to Picks, and Spins in Slingo games. Once you’ve completed the grid, you have a Full House, otherwise known as Slingorama! Of all the Slingo games available to players.

It continues to reel in players by the truckload, with fans of slots and bingo playing in a frenzy of entertainment. Since 1995, tens of millions of players have taken to Slingo and many more are in the wings.  Prizes in the thousands, and hundreds of thousands have been paid out with Slingo games.

Summary of Slingo 

  • In answer to the question: What is slingo? It’s a mixture of slots and bingo. Instead of reels, there are columns with numbers. Match the row of RNG numbers to the numbers on your slingo grid and form slingos.
  • The more slingos you form, the quicker you ascend the Slingo Ladder. That’s where you get bigger bonuses, multipliers, and pick me options. The bigger your bets in slingo, the bigger your potential winnings.
  • Always play slingo with a clear budget in mind. After your initial 10 spins have completed, you will be required to pay or each additional spin. Provided the cost don’t outweigh the benefits, you could still end up on the winning side.
  • There are well over 1200+ slingo games available now. These slots + bingo attractions are world-famous, with tens of millions of players enjoying them. Mega-money payouts are available on slingo games, provided you have good fortune, and common-sense budgeting skills.