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What Slot Game Suits Your Personality?

what slot game suits your personality

When playing any live casino game, knowing which one suits your personality is important, as you could be in with the best chance of winning if you are playing a game that best suits you. However, with the broad range of slots games that are being brought to light, with some incredible features and some more traditional styles depending on what you’re looking for, you can be certain that there are numerous slots games which will suit your individual personality. Unsure of what you should be playing if you’re a newbie? Or are you simply becoming irritated with a certain slot game, which could be a result of not having the right slot for your personality? In order to give you a helping hand, here at WINK Slots, we’ve put together a list of personalities to ensure that you are playing the right game for you!

The Casual Gamer

If you’re a casual gamer, who’s pretty laid back and simple, then there are a few different games for you to consider. This type of gamer is most likely to be looking for a quick win, no matter how big or small. You won’t have too much money invested in each spin, and you won’t be too disheartened if you end your session without capitalising on a huge win. Games like Starburst and Rainbow Riches are some of the best games for you to enjoy. Casual gamers often have the most enjoyable gaming experiences when playing, and with a relaxed attitude and flexible budget, you can be certain to find a game to suit you with us.

The Adventurous One

If you’re looking for a little thrill and adventure, then you might consider taking on some of the scarier games such as A Nightmare On Elm Street. While you may be searching for a big win, this isn’t always your top priority, as instead, you are searching for a thrill while you play. Even if you opt for something a little less jumpy, you might want to consider the slick and suave Casino Reels Dealer, which can provide you with all of the real-life adrenaline that you would experience in a bricks and mortar casino.

The Skilful Gamer

If you’re looking to be a winner, and you’re determined to be the best player on the net, then you should consider yourself to be a skilful gamer. Generally, skilful gamers will head on over to the play-for-free slots games, in order to familiarise yourself with as many different styles of game play as possible. You may not necessarily have a favourite theme, but you will most certainly have experience in dealing with some of the most complex of bonus games in order to try and find your way around them. This allows you to build up plenty of knowledge, so you can take on slots games such as Evangelion – a game based on the popular anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion which was aired between 1995 and 1996. You’ll already know your slots paylines back to front, and have a clear understanding of all of the different types of online slot machines that you may come across while you’re playing.

The Conservative One

If you’re much more of a conservative gamer, then you may want to consider a similar path as the casual gamer, with favourites Starburst , Fluffy Favourites and Rainbow Riches. Alternatively, you may simply want to stick to the much more simplistic 3-reel slots, so you can avoid any troublesome bonus games. Although you may be much more conservative when it comes to your choice of game, that doesn’t mean that you’re going to be struggling to find fun. All of the slot machines, no matter how complex and how simplistic, will provide you with a chance of winning – with some life-changing amounts even on the cards!

The Jackpot Hunter

Are you hungry for the winnings? Then you may just be a jackpot hunter, who is thirsty for the big jackpot win with the life-changing amount in the millions. Whether you’re looking for a huge jackpot win, or you’re currently content with a jackpot in the thousands, you can be sure we’ll have you covered. This type of gamer will generally stick to some of the more adrenaline fuelled games, that feature plenty of bonus games, adventure and thrills throughout the game.

If your personality matches one of the types listed above, then you are certain to find a game to suit your individual needs. Make sure to sign up and start playing online with us, today!