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Superstitious Brits Rely On Their Wardrobe

Lucky wardobe

REVEALED: The top five wearable items that bring Brits good luck

Here at WinkSlots the leading slots website, we’re keen to find out what items help to bring you good luck, so we surveyed 2,000 UK adults with a handful of simple questions to uncover the top five lucky charms Brits wear to help strike it lucky.

Superstitious Brits have a number of items that they use to bring good luck, even like these sports stars who have their own lucky rituals, and it’s clearly not just Friday 13th when we need luck – our research shows that actually 26% of Brits now rely on a number of wearable items to bring them good fortune in some common situations.

Superstitious Brits Rely On Their Wardrobe

A staggering 24% claimed that their top wearable good luck charm was a pair of lucky pants.

In second place with 17% of the votes was a lucky piece of jewellery, followed closely by 11% who own a lucky pair of socks.

Even 8% said they have a pair of lucky shoes and 5% claim to own a shirt that helps to keep bad luck at bay.

The most common situations that we wear our lucky charms are in stressful situations to help lift spirits, such as an exam (81%), a first date (72%), a job interview (34%) and a sporting event (66%).

Even though we face many nerve wracking situations in our lives, in fact 59% said that wearing their lucky charm helps them to feel more confident and gives a better chance of success.

Our research also revealed some other interesting findings – 74% revealed they would never get rid of their good-luck piece and 1 in 5 (19%) admitted they wouldn’t wash their lucky garment.

Millennials aged 18 – 30 are the most likely to own a pair of lucky pants, with 65% admitting they do so.

It’s clear to see from our data that many more Brits are wearing lucky charms, helping to boost our confidence, particularly in some of the most nerve wracking situations.