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7 Things That Will Prove You Are In love With the Slots

There are players who love the slots, and then there are players who REALLY love the slots.

If they’re not playing in online casinos, they’re playing in live casinos. Multi-tasking players go in for a little online play while watching television, eating dinner or petting the cat.

These are the players whose wardrobes are filled with slot logo T-shirts, casino logo jackets and lapel pins shaped as bars, cherries and 7s.

Naturally, the things we love permeate into other areas of our lives. Slot players are no exception. You know you really love the slots when …

1. When Your Boss Offers You A Big Bonus

The boss offers you a big bonus, and you almost ask whether it’s in free spins or a pick’em game. Free spins could win big and count win nothing. Pick’ems, whether you’re choosing gift boxes, alien creatures or dishes from a Chinese menu, make you part of the decision. Of course, the boss would rather just give you cash.


2. When The Bill Changer Makes It Even

You put paper money in a bill changer, count your coins and walk away muttering, “At least I broke even this time.” You know you have it really bad if you watch others at a row of bill changers and ATMs and try to pick the hot machine.


When Finding Out Snacks Machines Don’t Have Slots Handles

You’re a long-time player and drop coins into the slot of a snack machine, then search in vain for the handle to pull. And on those times the snack doesn’t drop and you’re left hungry, you complain about the one-armed bandits that don’t even have arms anymore.


When Ice Cubes Gives You The Itch

The hotel ice machine and those cool crystals remind you oh, so much of Double Diamonds and cold hard cash. Sadly, lining up ice cubes won’t bring any jackpots.


This Phone Was Meant For Playing Online Slots

Your friend changes the look of his phone or computer screen and you say, “Oooh, I haven’t played that one yet.” Video screens, including computers and phones, are a slot player’s natural habitat. And a new screen must mean a new game, right?

This Wheel Isn’t For You

You hear “Wheel! Of! Fortune!” blare from the television and immediately look up to watch the wheel spin and see how many bonus credits you collect. Everything about the show – the click of the spinning wheel the numbered segments, the applause and roar of the crowd – have been adapted from the most popular TV game show of all time to the most popular slot machine of all time. Or is it the other way around?

Going For The Big One… At The Supermarket

At the grocer, you line up fruits in groups of three – three oranges, three plums, three watermelons. Trivia: Fruit symbols on slot machines originally game from the logos of fruit-flavored chewing gum. The one fruit you didn’t want was the lemon, which usually was used to sour what could have been a winning combination.