How Lucky Are You?

Do you realise just how lucky you are? It's really easy to focus on how unlucky you are when you drop a piece of toast and it lands butter-side-down, or when you your phone runs out of battery when playing the slots, but how often do you stop and consider just how lucky you are? In 2013 there were 7.125 billion people living on Earth; 1.5 billion of them were English-speakers and only 0.8 billion of them had access to the internet. That means that you are part of only 11% of people on Earth can access and understand what you're reading right now.

When you think about it, the odds of you being here right now, reading this very sentence, are astronomically low, aren't they? So if you're lucky enough to be here right now reading this, it makes you wonder what the chances are of other things happening to you, doesn't it? Let's find out just how lucky you are.

That is scarily low when you think about it and it happens far more often than you might think. Back in 2005 a retired man in London famously fell from a ladder at his London property while tending his garden. Unfortunately, the chainsaw he was using struck his wife in the neck on the way down, killing her instantly.

Possibly the most shocking of all of these is the fact that your morning commute or daily bike ride is a lot more dangerous than you thought. The majority of these cases came from cyclists not wearing a helmet during a road collision, so if you ride without a helmet on a regular basis consider yourself incredibly jammy before strongly consider purchasing cranial protection!

If you've ever wondered why your boss always goes on about Health & Safety it's probably because there are about 300 work-related deaths in the UK every year. Obviously this number will differ based on your line of work - there haven't been a huge number of lethal papercuts in the UK over the years, for instance. However, if you work in construction, with heights, moving vehicles or machinery, your chances get slightly higher. If you've gone to work today and you haven't died, pat yourself on the back!

Death by things falling out of the sky is surprising common - the chances of being hit by a firework are high enough that it's pretty impressive that the death toll of our New Year's celebrations aren't significantly higher. That being said, not all of the firework-related deaths are the result of gravity pulling empty rockets back down to Earth - the majority are the result of human accident - rockets being fired horizontally, or being fired from a human body part, for example. This happened in July 2015 when an American man lit a firework on his head, killing him instantly when it exploded.

Not all visits to A&E are as obvious you'd think - going on statistics alone, the chances of winding up in the emergency ward due to a with a pogo stick-related injury are surprisingly high. A quick peruse of the Internet shows that a good number of this accidents involve people trying to do backflips, so it's worth noting that a little common sense goes a long way.

When you consider just how many satellites there are out there floating around our big blue ball of water, it's pretty impressive that we haven't been hit by falling space junk just yet. Astronomers at Cornell University have estimated that there up to 84,000 meteorites hitting the Earth every year - that's 116 per square kilometre. Well done everyone on dodging space junk so far!

Believe it or not, the chances of being stuck by lighting are actually relatively high. This year there will probably be 30-60 people that will be struck by lightning - statistically only around 3 of these people will die from their injuries. This may be surprising considering you don't really tend to hear about it on the news, but the last time this happened was July 2015, when 4 people were hit in the Brecon Beacons during a single storm - two of these strikes were fatal.

Obviously, if you're right handed you're safe here. However, the chances of dying like this if you're left handed are pretty scary. These accidents mostly occur because the built-in safety guards are generally built with right-handed people in mind.

That's right - you're more likely to get hit on the head by a part of a falling plane than you might realise. Back in 2012, a German family in Niefern was stunned by an �almighty bang� on their roof. Upon further investigation they discovered it was a 1.5kg chunk of frozen urine. That was pretty lucky that there was a roof in the way, but the jamminess doesn't quite end there...

Since the National Lottery changed how many balls they used in the Lotto last October, your chances of winning the plummeted from 1 in 14 million to 1 in 45 million. Despite this, 70 millionaires have been made with Lotto winnings in the four months. That's a lot of really, really lucky Brits, right there.

When you stop and think about all of the little things in life which could go very wrong very quickly, you quickly realise just how lucky you are, sitting here, reading this now. Your luck is what you make of it, and truth be told it's got you this far, hasn't it? If you're looking for the ultimate test of luck, try dropping a coin into a slot machine? Are you the kind of lucky duck who spends a tenner and wins millions in return? There's only one way to find out...

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