JOMO Generator
Progress: 1
How many social channels do you actively use?
  • 3+
  • Less than 2
  • I don’t use social media
Progress: 2
Out of these three events, which would you choose?
  • Maroon 5 concert
  • A glass of wine and my favourite magazine
  • An evening out with my four best friends
Progress: 3
What’s your favourite type of holiday destination?
  • Rome
  • Ibiza
  • Lake District
Progress: 4
What plans do you have for the weekend?
  • I’m staying in all weekend
  • Going out with friends
  • I don’t have plans
Progress: 5
What type of jackpots do you prefer on your slots games?
  • Fixed jackpots
  • Progressive jackpots
  • I’m not fussed about jackpots, I’d rather just play for fun
Progress: 6
When in a long conversation, how closely do you listen to someone?
  • I listen to every word
  • I listen to the gist of the conversation
  • I switch off quickly
Progress: 7
How many hours of TV do you watch on the weekend?
  • Less than an hour
  • 2 - 5 hours
  • More than 5 hours
Progress: 8
In what situation do you feel most uncomfortable?
  • When I am pushed to the side lines & not centre of attention
  • In a social environment
  • When my favourite online game is unavailable
Progress: 9
What do you do as soon as you wake up?
  • Eat breakfast
  • Check all social media
  • Rush because I’ve woken up late
Progress: 10
In a 3-way conversation do you
  • Lead the conversation
  • Listen
  • Not pay attention
You’re a little more FOMO than JOMO

Naturally, you’re an extrovert and an outgoing person who loves nothing more than keeping up with the latest gossip, heading to all of the parties in one night, and instantly hitting the ‘Going’ button on any Facebook invite whether you’ve consulted your friends or not. You love a night out, and you love being the first one to see the latest movies so you can tell everybody about it. However, this type of lifestyle, while wild and fun, can get a little tiring after a while and because of this you may need to have a back-up plan in case so you can begin to embrace JOMO a little more often. JOMO is the joy of missing out, where you can stay at home and enjoy the fact that you’re not at the latest party, without feeling jealous that you’ve missed out.

We’ve put together an action plan that you can begin to put in place over the next few days, weeks, months and years, so you can begin to be a little more JOMO.

1. Switch off your mobile phone
One of the biggest reasons for being more FOMO is the influence of social media and networking. In this day and age, you can see what absolutely everybody is doing, and because of this you may feel like you’re missing out on something leading you to put your dancing shoes back on and heading out again. Once you switch off your mobile phone, you will feel less pressure to continually check and be jealous of those around you. Turn off your phone, and instead turn on your laptop and head to Wink Slots to play our extensive range – so you won’t feel like you’re missing out again.

2. Allow yourself to be uncomfortable
While solitude and being on your own may appeal to you, it can sometimes be a little uncomfortable – particularly those who enjoy being around people and are far more extroverted than they are introverted. Start small, and allow yourself to be uncomfortable in order to push the boundaries. JOMO isn’t always about being solitary, but it is about enjoying missing out, and a lot of the time that comes from a lack of jealousy towards your peers, and generally being on your own. Author Charles Bukowski once wrote that ‘isolation is a gift’ so take a break from social media, and remember to be yourself.

3. Meditation
While this may seem like a drastic step in order to find your inner Zen, implementing some form of meditation or at least self-reflection into your day, every day, will help you to truly embrace the joy of missing out. This will allow you to focus on key areas of yourself as a form of self-healing, so you won’t feel jealous of those around you who are out and about. You can do what you enjoy doing, without the influence of others’ actions getting in the way.

Being a little more JOMO can be somewhat intimidating, particularly at first, but there is something relaxing and appealing about enjoying being on you own rather than forcing yourself to be out and about when you don’t really want to be.

Congratulations, you have already reached JOMO!

You are one of the many people from around the world that have already embraced the new trend of the ‘joy of missing out’ aka. JOMO. You’ve put down your technology, muted your social media notifications and you’re following your own path without worrying about all of the things that everybody else is doing. Whether you’re choosing to stay in on a Saturday night while your friends are out without you, and genuinely enjoying your own company, or simply marking your own path through life, you have a true Zen about you that has finished worrying about everybody else.

We’ve put together an action plan just for you, so you can keep to your JOMO vibe going!

1. Keep to your own path
It’s important to keep to your own path and do what makes you happy – not what other people want from you. One of the biggest and best JOMO’s comes from Adele. After the 2016 Grammy’s, Adele skipped all of the Grammy after parties and instead treated herself to an in ‘n’ out burger and went home to celebrate instead. Whether you’re missing out on the biggest party of the year, or a family dinner that you don’t really want to go to, enjoy your time at home – because you know deep down you didn’t want to go.

2. Cancel plans that you don’t want to go to
Been invited to an event that you feel obligated to go to, but you don’t really want to? Don’t go! Cancel any plans, and enjoy the fact that you didn’t get dragged into a god awful party or to watch a band that you don’t really like.

3. Embrace JOMO
The best way to embrace JOMO is to switch off your phone, click the ‘Not Going’ on the Facebook invite and curl up at home doing what you enjoy. Whether you’ve discovered a new love for online slots, or you simply just want to start that new series that you’ve wanted to watch for a while instead of jumping on The Walking Dead bandwagon because your friends have been going on about it.

4. Stay reminded about what you love so much about JOMO
The best way to continue embracing JOMO is to keep a reminder about what you enjoy so much. There are a number of reason why people enjoy staying in and embracing JOMO, whether they know it or not. An online survey with shows some of the favourite reasons for staying in, and with already 2,126 votes and counting you can see that plenty of people, both men and women, are enjoying JOMO. In fact, 28.41% enjoy staying in to binge-watch box sets on the sofa, whereas 40.87% of people simply prefer their own company sometimes!

So keep JOMOing and doing everything that you want to do, create your own path, and simply do you!

You’re more of a FOJI

The fear of joining in can stem from a number of social anxieties, whether that’s a fear of failure, a reluctance to be involved in social interaction or a number of other anxieties that can affect the way someone behaves. With FOJI, you can quite easily implement a more JOMO attitude which will allow you to continue to enjoy your own company rather than being socially involved in others, but enjoy missing out instead of fearing joining in. These two behaviours are quite different, and JOMO can evoke a more positive attitude. It’s far easier to turn our focus on life inwards rather than outwards, and help to refine any personal problems or behaviours with no distractions from the outside.

Here, we’ve put together an action plan that you can use to help you when it comes to becoming more JOMO rather than FOJI.

1. Switch Off Social
If you’re suffering from FOJI, then you’re probably far more likely to not post on your Facebook and Instagram as often. This is because you will be suffering with some social anxieties about what to post, when to post, and be worried that no one will ‘friend’ you, ‘follow’ you, or like or comment on your photos. Switch off your social, so you can stop worrying about what others think, and embrace your time without it just like a true JOMO.

2. Begin To Enjoy Your Own Company
While people who are more FOJI than JOMO will tend to stay in rather than going out, that doesn’t mean that they are doing so because they are enjoying their own company. As with FOMO, it is important to switch off social media for various periods of times a day, so you can begin to focus on yourself, rather than worrying about what other people are doing, and whether you should consider joining in or not. Enjoy your own company by finding pastime activities that you enjoy, such as switching onto our Wink Slots site and playing our extensive selection of slots games, and you will find that you prefer your own company far more.

3. Stay Motivated To Be You
Those who are suffering from FOJI are not necessarily happy to be themselves – but embracing JOMO will allow you to be motivated to be happy with who you are and what you do. This action plan can be amended with any points that you want to add to help keep you motivated, whether that’s through meditation, or simply evaluating what is and isn’t working. Relax your body, and keep your mind energised by looking after yourself both physically and mentally, finding activities that you really enjoy, and work on reducing the amount of worry that you feel when it comes to what other people think. Implement a few JOMO lifestyle habits and you’ll be well on your way to being a JOMO in no time.

FOJI isn’t something to be afraid of, and many people all over the world will be more of a FOJI than a JOMO or a FOMO. If you implement a strong action plan to keep your mind active and stay focussed on enjoying what you have, and finding pastimes that you can enjoy without worrying what others think. You don’t need to join in to have fun – but you don’t have to fear it either.

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