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Are Free Spins Really Free

Are Free Spins Really Free

Slots are the most popular online casino games, hands down. These spin and win attractions reel in the crowds by the truckload, with growing player interest as we speak. The unprecedented appeal of slots is due in large part to the easy-to-play nature of these games. Due to their burgeoning popularity, players are naturally drawn to slots promotional offers. What better way to drum up player interest than free spins on slots games.

Free spins are universally loved by slots aficionados. Casual and experienced players gravitate towards free spins offers with alacrity. It’s hard to resist the appeal of free spins on real money slots games. If only things were that simple. The online casino industry, like any other, is laden with marketing jargon, catchphrases, and enticing offers. To coin an accounting expression, ‘TANSTAAFL – There Ain’t No Such Thing as a Free Lunch’. The term Free Spins can be somewhat of a misnomer at times. There are many nuances when it comes to these offers, and each promo is subject to specific rules, known as wagering requirements, playthrough requirements, terms of play, terms and conditions, et al. We begin our expose with a definition of free spins offers, and proceed to different types of free spins offers and their attendant T&Cs.

What Are Free Spins Offers?

Free Spins in a literal sense reference complimentary spins on slot machine games. Free spins have nothing to do with Roulette games, Wheel of Fortune games, or other Gameshow-style attractions. They are expressly reserved for online slot machine games. These include classic slots, video slots, and progressive jackpot slots. As its namesake suggests, players are granted free spins on a specific slot machine game, or group of slot machine games. These real-money free spins are offered at a set value per spin, with a limited number of free spins, for a specified period. These are use it or lose it offers, and they rank among the most desired attractions for slots players.

Online casinos routinely offer new players free spins on top slot games. They come in many different forms such as standard free spins, free play credits, no deposit bonuses, or match deposit bonuses. As we progress through our discussion of free spins offers, you will come to learn about the different types of promotional offers that players are privy to. In order to qualify for any promotional offer of this type, players must first register an account at their chosen online casino. This requires you to input your name, address, banking information (no deposit needed upfront), and to verify your account data.

Usually, free spins bonuses are offered to first-time players. They may be preloaded onto specific slot machine games so that players can simply spin the reels at no cost. The goal is to try and win before your free spins are finished.

  • The most popular free spins offer is the No Deposit Bonus. New players signing up to an online casino routinely scour the Internet in search of No Deposit Bonuses. These free spins promos – known as Free Spins No Deposit Bonuses – are all the rage. Players are not required to deposit any money into their online casino account. But a full registration is required. The specific T&C with Free Spins No Deposit Bonuses will vary from one online casino to the next.MYTH BUSTER: Regardless, players will have to meet specific conditions in order to cash out any winnings generated from the free spins. This typically entails a minimum deposit amount. You may get lucky and snag a Free Spins No Deposit Bonus with no wagering requirements whatsoever. Either way, it’s important to comply with the requirements, or else you may forfeit your winnings, and your bonus.
  • Free Spins Deposit Bonuses are an entirely different type of free spins offer. These promotions require players to make a deposit in order to qualify for the free spins on specific slots games, or a group of slots. You will have a specified timeframe within which to use the free spins. They also have a specific value, and may be granted in increments. For example, players may receive 100 free spins over the course of 5 days, at 20 free spins per day. If you don’t use them, they expire, and cannot be transferred over from day-to-day. Be sure to comply with the wagering requirements with match bonuses.MYTH BUSTER: Free Spins deposit bonuses are usually subject to wagering requirements if your winnings are converted into bonus cash. The specific wagering terms and conditions will be listed in the T&Cs. Once you meet the wagering terms and conditions, you’ll be able to process a withdrawal.

Benefits of Free Spins for Online Casino Players 

Since Free Spins offers are geared towards new players, a full registration is needed to get started. The whole process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to complete. Once you’ve claimed your free spins bonus, you’ll be able to play a selection of slots games based on the rules of the promotional offer. In all cases, free spins offers confer many benefits to players:

  • Players can play real money slots games on the house
  • Players can enjoy top-rated online slot machine games
  • Players don’t need to pay for credits on real money slots
  • Players can test new online casinos in real money mode with zero risk
  • Players can win real money with no money down, subject to wagering conditions

Players who are fortunate enough to win cash from free spins may be disappointed to know that you cannot simply cash out your winnings. In other words, the money is not withdrawable right away; winnings are subject to playthrough requirements. All online casinos have wagering requirements, otherwise known as rollover. It is sometimes difficult to discern between different types of free spin offers. For example, one online casino may offer players 100 free spins with a 1 X wagering requirement. Another online casino may offer players 200 free spins with a 50 X wagering requirement. Clearly, the first offer is preferable even though players get to enjoy fewer free spins. It’s really important to understand how much wagering requirements will affect your back pocket.

It is worth noting that free spins are limited in terms of how much each free spin is worth. The maximum betting stake for free spins should be adhered to, to avoid any complications which may arise. For example, it is possible that an online casino could confiscate winnings if your maximum betting stake is surpassed. Always verify that the online casino games you are interested in playing are compatible with the free spins offer. Many players may not know that winnings are capped on free spins. The exact figure will vary from one online casino to the next. For example, imagine if the winnings cap on free spins is £100, but you win £500 with your free spins. Suffice it to say, the maximum that you can withdraw once your wagering requirements have been met is £100.

What’s the Difference Between Free Spins and Free Slots?

There’s a big difference between free spins on the one hand, and free slots. As explained, free spins are promotional offers provided by an online casino to players. They’re usually reserved for new players registering at an online casino. It’s important to carefully read the terms and conditions applicable to free spins offers.  Clever marketing makes it appear that the free spins are 100% free, with no strings attached. However, only once you have complied with the T&C will you be able to see what is required of you. There are different types of free spins offers, including no deposit free spins, match deposit free spins, or free play options.

Free slots are entirely different to free spins. These games are essentially demo play games, with no deposit needed. With free slots, players get to sample a wide range of top slots with no money down. You also can’t win anything with demo play slots games, despite the faux winnings that may accrue in your slot balance. Many online casino games are available in a free-play mode, but they are designed to show the games and their features, with no possibility of real money winnings. Sometimes, you may be required to register an account with an online casino before you can play games in demo mode. Many software providers allow demo play games on their platform, even if they’re not available in demo mode at participating online casinos.

The Bottom Line: Free Spins or Not

Everybody loves something for nothing – it’s the best possible deal you can get. Free spins masquerade as precisely that, but there are specific terms and conditions to comply with. It’s really important to carefully read all the terms and conditions of play before you accept a free spins offer. Provided the wagering requirements are easy to comply with, affordable, and concise, it may be worth your while chasing down a generous free spins offer at an online casino. Be sure to read all the fine print, included in the T&C of play.

Free spins are designed to give players an enticement to register and play at an online casino. They are bankroll-boosting tools for casual players and experienced players alike. Typically, they are offered to new players, but there are many free spins offered as exclusive promotions from time to time. Since they are offered at zero cost, free spins are exciting enticements to get you to register and play. It’s always worth your while considering these types of promotional offers. The RTP on slots is always lower than other popular online casino games such as blackjack, craps, and baccarat. For this reason, any added assistance offered in the form of a bankroll booster should be taken.

These promotions, much like match deposit bonuses, redeposit bonuses, multi-deposit bonuses, et al are designed to boost your playing cash with no added effort on your part. Sure, when it comes time to cash out you will have to comply with the wagering terms and conditions. This can prove costly if the requirements are difficult to meet. Whenever hundreds of free spins are offered upfront, players should take note that these are usually dispensed in increments on a daily basis, for a designated time. You may get 20 free spins daily for X amount of days. The free spins on the front end are always free. But when it comes time to cash out, that’s when things can get a little tricky.

It doesn’t make any sense to comply with the wagering requirements of free spins offers if the risk/reward is not worth it. While the face value of these types of offers is certainly generous, the reality is markedly different. It’s the cashing out of winnings that makes these offers less than desirable to players. Players will have to pay their dues vis-a-vis playthrough requirements before any winnings can be redeemed. Depending on how much you love slots, and how easy it is for you to meet the wagering requirements, these types of offers may or may not be suited to your needs. There are pros and cons to deposit bonuses and free spins offers. Ultimately, it’s up to the player to decide for himself/herself which will best meet their needs. Among different types of bonuses and promotional offers, this particular one stands head and shoulders above the rest as the most sought-after among new casino players.