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Get Your JOMO Action Plan With The JOMO Generator

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JOMO, defined as the joy of missing out, is one of the latest crazes when it comes to social media and online. Previous years led to a fear of missing out (also known as FOMO) where people couldn’t wait to get to every party and had to check social media in the hope that they were not missing out on anything. However, with a more relaxed atmosphere despite the huge increase in social media usage around the world, people are beginning to focus on themselves rather than everyone else, as we say hello to the trend of JOMO. JOMO first hit the headlines a few years ago, and has continued to grow ever since. Whether you’re a Slots fan and you want to reap in the winnings by matching the slots paylines or you prefer to chill at home with a good movie, you like to do these things simply because you enjoy them – not because you’re worried about missing out on what everyone else is doing. If you want to be more JOMO, then you can find out how with the help of our JOMO Action Plan Generator!

Is JOMO A Good Thing?

While some people have complained that with people becoming more JOMO, more nightclubs and casinos are beginning to close down, as people are opting to stay in. However, with generation debt and other social issues going on, it’s no surprise to see the trend of JOMO flourishing, and it gives young people in particular the chance to really focus on themselves rather than being concerned about the antics of their peers. This doesn’t mean that people aren’t going out anymore. This simply means that they don’t care whether they are or not, and they’re simply doing what makes them feel good at the time. Ordering a takeaway and sitting on the sofa all night, taking a solo road trip to explore a brand new town, or simply heading online and playing your favourite slots games, JOMO encompasses everything and anything that you want to do.

With JOMO, you will also find that a lot of people can begin to focus on their personal needs, behaviours, anxieties and more, without also stressing about the way that other people are behaving and how they should ‘fit in’. This new trend is allowing people to jump on board, and ultimately be enticed by a great selection of hobbies and interests – rather than only going out to every single party because they don’t want to miss the latest gossip or event that everyone is talking about. Doing what you want to do, when you want to do it, is the ultimate freedom, and when you embrace JOMO, you can have just that.

Reasons Why Choosing JOMO Can Help You

One of the biggest reasons in this day and age of people turning to JOMO instead of regularly heading on a night out is to do with finances and how they feel the next day. While going out 7 days a week can be appealing to some, there is an element of financial responsibility that twenty-somethings will one day wake up and realise. On top of this, you don’t have to head out and make small talk with people that you do (or maybe even don’t) like, and you will instantly feel better for work the next day as you won’t be staggering in with a hangover as usual.

JOMO also provides you with the ultimate way to really focus on yourself, and begin other mindful activities such as meditation. This can help relax both your body and mind, and help you to discover something that you truly love and enjoy.

How To Implement JOMO Into Your Life

When it comes to JOMO, if you don’t feel like you’re quite ready to take the plunge then you may want to implement an action plan. One of the first steps is to determine whether you are a FOMO, FOJI or JOMO. Once you have done this, you will understand exactly where you need to implement this new you, and this will help you to do so. For example, if you are a FOJI, you may be able to identify certain social anxieties that are stopping you from enjoying yourself whether you are outside in a social environment or whether you are sitting at home doing your own hobbies. The difference between a JOMO and a FOJI is that as a JOMO you enjoy being on your own and doing all of the things that you enjoy doing at your own pace. With FOJI however, you are more of a worrier. However, there is a fine line between the two, making it easier for FOJI’s to make the transition into a JOMO. All you need to do is find something that you enjoy doing, without worrying about the things that you do and don’t do.

If you’re a FOMO, one of the first steps into switching up your JOMO is simply by switching off your phone and any other access to social media that you may have. While you may find this isolating, at first, this isn’t necessarily a negative thing. Solitary is important and despite society having a strong focus on the extrovert, you will find that you may begin to enjoy different things to your friends and peers simply because you are having the chance to do so, without any interference. You can have a relaxing night in, log into WINK Slots or read a book that you haven’t picked up in ages, as and when you want to, and this can help you to find out more about yourself as a person.