When it comes to online casino gaming, you would think it’s a man's world, but according to statistics and online data, the proof is in the pudding and up to 60% of casino players are women. With that being said, it was an interesting enough topic to look into, understanding what attracts women to casino gaming and which games are popular amongst the masses.

Jackpot Slots

For women, cracking the bank wide open are jackpot games that are ideal for women who love high stakes.
These are called jackpot games as they are the ones to pay out the most and the rewards can be staggering. Playing any one of these games on a promotional offer is an added bonus necessary to appeal to women, after all, women do love a good deal.

Jackpot games are not only appealing for their high stakes payouts but something women find alluring is that they are treated to a comprehensive catalog of the listed games, their jackpot prize totals, and their titles. All the information they need to make an informed decision is on display which saves the time necessary to play rather than seek out similar games, saving them time and money and allowing them more freedom to enjoy the game at hand.

Jackpot slots offers are always evolving to deliver new and entertaining experiences for both existing and new members. Another reason why women are so drawn to jackpot slots.


Voted one of the best table games from the majority of women casino players is roulette. The game is enough to attract any woman feeling lucky. Originating from France in the 1800s, its no surprise that women are drawn to the game. There are two prominent variants of roulette; American and European and if you had to guess which was a favorite, you should go with European. Despite what many may think, it’s not because the odds are better for players when compared with American roulette, but women say they prefer to play a commonly appreciated roulette variant when most online casinos offer the most popular of the two. Again, saving time means winning more money and women are relentlessly drawn to this concept.

European roulette is a fast paced game, easily understood and can be played for high stakes. According to research showed and drawn from the internet, the majority of online casino profile accounts show that roulette players hold female profiles.

While some women prefer European roulette, there is still a handful who remain loyal to American roulette.

Video Poker

Video poker is played on a machine similar to that of slots gaming. However, it would appear that what actually attracted women to the game was live poker, live poker opened the door for video player enthusiasts and compared to men, women took preference over the game while the majority of men preferred table poker.

Texas Hold’em

We could generalize here and say that poker is what draws women, but there are many variants of the game and there are a few that don’t attract the attention of women. It would appear as obvious as day that next to video poker, Texas Hold’em is, in fact, one of the most popular variants for female players. Some of the biggest poker events in the world draw in females’ competitors. Pamela Anderson is known for skill behind cards as well as famous celebrity Jennifer Tilly, the two have been iconic players and prove women know how to hold their own.


If you have ever graced the floor of a bingo hall, while in progress, you would have seen that the majority of the audience is indeed women. Women seem to be drawn to the number matching game which makes sense as it’s an interactive and social game. Being social creatures, women can bring their friends along for support or good luck, just as they could when playing slots games either online or at land based casinos. The entire process is social and whether played online or in a gaming hall, there is much fun to be had and if there is one thing girls want to do, it’s have fun!


If you haven’t heard of it, we may have dropped a hint above. Slots and bingo, there really isn’t anything better for women to do other than combine the two for an entirely unique experience. According to online statistics, the majority of Slingo players are women and when investigating the game, it would appear that the combination of themed slots games based on the concept of bingo has proven to be an intoxicating combination for the social and imaginative casino players that are women. Slingo may be a relatively new gaming concept online, however, it has been highly regarded by female casino players for over 9 years.


This casino card game is elite, sophisticated and can be played with an edge, which female on this earth wouldn’t want to perfect all of that and who could resist the allure of one of the longest standing casino games in history. Blackjack has been regarded as one of the easiest card games to play online and by local casinos. Despite the general percentage of players being male, there has been a recent spike in female players since online casinos have been promoting blackjack. When interviewed, the majority of women had said that they hadn’t yet perfected the game but have taken a keen interest in blackjack and could see themselves playing it for hard cash. This is only one of the games that we can see gripping the attention of female players if it hasn’t already.

The game of 21 is just as fast paced as roulette which is why we can see it attracting a bigger audience of female players.;
Gone are the days where women were banned from gaming halls and enter the 21st century where women are winning millions playing casino games. It is indeed an exciting time to be alive as a female casino enthusiast with a thirst for winning money.