Today, we’re going to take you behind the scenes to the wide world of slot machine games. When it comes to slots games, everyone wants to know the answer to one question, and one question only: What is the best way to make money from slots games? As you are about to find out, there are so many ways to tackle this question, conventional and unconventional alike. 

Some of the options we are going to present to you are downright outrageous, hilarious, superstitious, or totally zany. Regardless, we feel it's necessary to present players with a wide range of options. Whatever techniques, methodologies, betting systems, selection systems, or slots playing styles work, more power to you. With the formalities out of the way, we can begin our rollercoaster adventure into the lighter side of making money with slots games.

What Does Making Money from Slots Games Actually Mean?

To many players, the answer to this question is self-evident. Making money from slots games means that you make a profit from your slots playing sessions. Correct? Kind of. Players may beg to differ. You see when you play slots games, any winnings that you rack up along the way are considered making money. Not every slots player assesses their budget going in versus their takings coming out. Put differently, incremental wins during your slot sessions are also considered making money from slots games. So, it's against this backdrop that we begin our discussion.

Tip #1 – Check the Paytable

There is an old expression that goes something like this, ‘If you don't know where you're going, all roads will take you there.’ True slots players don't play in a willy-nilly fashion. We want to know what combinations of symbols are needed in order to rack up winnings. That's why the paytable presents as the perfect codex for understanding precisely how much you stand to win when specific combinations of symbols line up on active paylines.

Here's a tip for you: Place the maximum bets that you can afford on every play. That way, you will collect the biggest payday when winning symbols line up. There's nothing worse than landing all the right combinations, only to find that your bet size was insufficient to qualify you for a mega payout. The paytable is your compass; it will guide you towards jackpot central.

Tip #2 – Check the RTPs

What in an RTP? An RTP is a Return to Player Percentage. It's a theoretical concept that indicates the expected return to players over the long-term. The long-term encompasses millions of spins. Granted, most of us will never play any online casino game during any session over the long term – it’s simply too many outcomes. However, it's safe to say that the higher the RTP, the better it is for the player. 

An RTP of 88% indicates that a £100 bankroll is likely to pay back £88 over the long-term. Your expected loss is therefore 12%. An RTP of 95% indicates that a £100 bankroll is likely to pay back £95 over the long-term. The higher the number, the more favourable the outcome over time. It is important to point out that RTPs mean very little practically. It sounds disingenuous to promote an RTP, but also to be dismissive of it at the same time. 

Here's why you don't always have to follow the RTP tip. Ever heard of a Microgaming slot machine game called Mega Moolah? It's listed in the Guinness Book of Records with the biggest ever online slots payout of €17,879,645 in 2015. That was the equivalent of £13,209,300, or a whopping $20 million. And guess what? The RTP on Mega Moolah is just 88%! So, RTPs are useful as a general way to pick slots, but anything can happen in the short term

Tip #3 – Get the Bonus 

Slots players are limited by the size of their bankroll. It's a numbers game – the bigger your bankroll, the more spins you have available for your budget. Since every slot machine outcome is governed by chance, it stands to reason that the more you spend, the more chance there is that you might land a big win. Since we are restricted in terms of how much disposable income we have available for slot sessions, one way to circumvent this issue is an online casino bonus. You will be pleased as punch to know that there are many different types of bonuses available at online casinos today, including:

  • Redeposit Bonuses – for players who make multiple deposits
  • No Deposit Bonuses – new players registering with no money down
  • Free Spins Bonuses – for new players registering at an online casino
  • Match Deposit Bonuses – the online casino matches your first deposit up to X amount

Hold Your Horses: Not every online casino bonus is worth pursuing. Some of them are actually counter-productive; the terms and conditions associated with online casino bonuses may not be worth your while. For example, a free spins bonus that comes with a 40 X wagering requirement may not be as lucrative as a no deposit bonus with a 30 X wagering requirement. Always read the fine print, the playthrough requirements, the game contribution percentages, and the validity dates of your online casino bonuses

Tip #4 – Play in Demo Mode

Demo play games are precisely that – they are not real money games. However, while you’re playing demo games, you can make money in the game. You just can't cash out any of the faux money winnings that you receive. Demo play games are useful for learning about the slot machine games. You get to sample all of the in-game features, functions, bonus rounds, and added extras at no additional cost. Demo mode games also teach you a lot of important tips about RTPs, volatility/variance, game features, and entertainment value. Since there is no risk of loss, demo games are highly recommended when you're figuring out how to make money from slots games.

Tip #5 – Read Slots Reviews 

It's strange that so many slots players are more swayed by Vegas pizzazz than they are by cold, hard facts. Fortunately, we don't need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to reviewing slot machine games. There are thousands of players all over the world who do that for us. Provided you’re reading authentic reviews by real people, you can generally trust the source. Reviews provide information that novice slots players are blithely unaware of. For example, a slot machine review will tell you about volatility/variance. It's a real thing!

Volatility/variance are terms used synonymously. They describe the risk factor associated with playing a slot machine game. The higher the volatility, the quicker you will burn through your bankroll. However, high volatility games tend to pay out much more when luck is on your side – however infrequent it may be. Low volatility games tend to have smaller payouts more frequently. You are less likely to burn through your bankroll in double-quick time, but the winnings will be smaller than in a high-volatility slot.

FYI: High volatility slot machine games are often associated with lower RTPs. Low volatility slot machine games are often associated with higher RTPs. You may want to factor these components into your decision. The best way to make money from slots games may require you to take a circuitous route, but you'll be glad you did. Avoid reviews posted on slot machine sites, online casinos, or casino affiliate sites. External, unrelated platforms are always more credible for your slot machine reviews.

Tip #6 – If You're Lucky, Follow Your Gut!

Granted, this tip is out there. In trading, investing, or academia, we would never recommend simply following your gut in order to succeed. In most every discipline, hard work, tactics, and strategies need to be employed to reap the rewards. Gambling is an anomaly. In fact, the entire premise of gambling is good fortune. You could strategise until the proverbial cows come home, but if lady luck is not with you, you'll be left wanting. Everybody gets lucky at least once, sometimes many more times. If you're lucky by nature, stick with it. Deep down in your gut, you may know that today is your lucky day.

So how do you know if you're a lucky person? Well lucky players tend to hit winning combinations on slots, card games, table games, dice games, instant win games, and other games. If you can walk into a casino, and walk out with more money than you came in with, you're either a thief or a lucky player. With online casinos, it's all about maximising opportunity. You can use your bankroll, bonuses, and promotional offers to boost your stash of cash. 

Legendary golfer, Gary Player was once quoted saying, ‘The more I practice the luckier I get.’ In fact, legend has it that it wasn't Player who coined this aphorism – it was Jerry Barber a fellow golfer. Famous poker player Mark Pilarksi was quoted as follows: ‘The more you play, the luckier you'll be’, and the Texas Dolly, Doyle Brunson was a firm believer in luck every now and then, ‘Everyone gets lucky once in a while, but no one is consistently lucky.’

Luck is one of those inexplicable phenomena that we cannot ignore. Indeed, it is responsible for the biggest wins ever recorded. It is also the reason why so many slots players pick specific games to play. Test it out for yourself next time you go to a land-based casino. Watch how players walk around the casino floor, searching for that one slot machine game that seems to be calling out to them. It's an energy force, a magnetism, an esoteric element that draws a player to a machine. That my friends, is what luck is all about!

Tip #7 – High Denomination Slots Have Higher Payback Percentages

There is a reason that most players avoid £5, or £10 + slot machine games. It's obvious – they're very expensive to play. It's also the reason why penny slots are so popular. Penny slots are incredibly cheap to play (or so it seems). Players are more comfortable throwing money away when they think they're losing less on every spin, than they are when they think they are losing more on every spin. When you play a penny slot game, your mind defaults to the mistaken notion that you're losing a penny on every spin. 

Not true. Penny slots can be just as expensive as high denomination slots, depending on the number of lines that are required, and the number of coins per line that must be played. Imagine a penny slot game that requires players to play 5 coins per line with a minimum of 100 lines in play? Suddenly, you're not playing for pennies any more, you're playing for pounds.

The RTPs on penny slots games are significantly lower than they are on the equivalent high denomination slot machine games. For example, penny slots may have RTPs of around 90% or less. £5 or £10 + slots may have RTPs in the region of 96% – 99%. Why? The more expensive slots are programmed to pay out more often because they are so expensive to play. It's going to be difficult to entice players to part with lots of money on every spin if the payback is so low. 

To compensate, casinos will offer a higher RTP on expensive slots. You may just be better off sticking to £5, or £10 + slots for a few spins if you are looking to make money from slots games. Regardless of the game you play – classic slots, video slots, progressive slots, or Megaways slots – the advantage is always with the casino in the long-term. Over the short term, absolutely anything can happen. You could walk away a winner, or you could lose your bankroll in a session of play.

There you have it, folks! 7 incredibly useful tips for you to make money from slots games. Some of them may be apropos for you, others not. Take what you must and leave the rest behind. Slots are games of chance. While skill, tactics and strategies are useful in slot selection, there is nothing you can do once your money has been deposited and the reels are spinning. It's all up to the powers that be if Lady Luck will smile upon you.