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Landing Your Dream Job vs. Winning At Slots What are the Odds?


When it comes to odds, many parallels can be drawn between life and casino games. Just as in gaming, there’s the age old question as to whether life is pre-destined or whether we make our own luck. If indeed we can influence the outcome of events then some number crunching would definitely come in handy. Much of what we see around us is the result of intense research and analysis. Professionals such as scientists, engineers, doctors and computer programmers must explore various outcomes and probabilities before reaching any kind of conclusion in their work. But what about the odds of becoming one of those professionals?

  • Are you in your dream job?
  • If not, what are the odds of achieving such a dream?

Find “That Dream Job”

For those soul searchers among you, we’d like to introduce you to an exclusive new app which can help you identify your ideal job, as well as explore the various odds involved in obtaining your dream. This free app is easily accessible via your web browser and does not require any download. The app is simple to use and could be life changing. To get started all you have to do is click on the button that says “Find your dream job”.

You can also check out our neat inforgraphics, which shows general statistics on desirable jobs.

Enjoy What You Do!

Some folks take life very seriously, whereas others see life as more of a game (like slots), to be savored and enjoyed. That Dream Job app is based upon one critical question “What do you enjoy doing the most?”

Enjoy What You Do!

As with your favourite slots game, if you enjoy what you do, you are more likely to stick with it and be successful. Once you have identified your most enjoyable life activity, the app comes up with a couple of suggested careers. For example, if you enjoy “Nature”, the app will suggest that you might want to be a Marine Biologist, Park Ranger, Landscape Gardener or Dog Walker.

If Dog Walker sounds like fun, you can go ahead and discover the odds of obtaining such a job. For example, you would have a 1 in 42 chance of becoming a Dog Walker. The figure is reached by averaging out the number of working Dog Walkers with those vying for the job. The app also provides lots of useful data to help you decide whether a particular job is right for you, including salary, required qualifications and training, plus demographics.

Dream Job App

Dream Job App Key Features:

  • Identify what you love doing
  • Discover potential dream jobs that are perfect for you
  • Learn about your dream job
  • Discover the odds of obtaining your dream job
  • Find out how much your dream job pays
  • Find out what qualifications you need to land your dream job
  • Discover other useful data regarding your dream job

Dream Job vs. Winning Slots

Dream Job vs. Winning Slots

As a seasoned online slots player, you must be all too familiar with the odds factor and how this can affect your chances of winning. In the early days of slots, the odds of winning a game were significantly higher because slot machines were mechanical, usually with just 3 reels and maybe 5 rows. In addition, slot machines were not linked, so you had an idea of what was going in and out. These days, however, slots are much more complex. Video slots and online slots usually have 5 reels and as many as 100 paylines! Computerized games are also powered by random number generators, making it quite difficult to calculate your odds.

In the same way that antique slot machines were more predictable, most people of older generations had their work cut out for them. Family, class, society and gender, would determine their career path. Today, we have so much choice in our working life as well as in our gaming life! Increased choice means increased opportunity. However it can also be quite overwhelming, which is why we turn to online apps and career advisors to help us choose our dream job. But how can we select a winning game?

Although modern slots are quite random and hard to decipher, there are a few things you can do to improve your gaming experience and increase your winning chances: First and foremost, as with your dream job, pick a game that you enjoy the most! If you love the game you are more likely to make better choices, plus you’ll have fun no matter what the outcome (win win situation). There are no career counselors to guide you along in gaming. However, there is so much knowledge available, both online and offline. There are endless articles and books that can help you to improve your game and maybe even increase your winning odds. Reading reviews about specific games and websites can also be very useful and prevent you from falling prey to gaming scams. To increase your odds, it also helps to look for gaming providers that offer a high payback percentage. Payback percentage is the winning amount that the house pays to its winning players after deducting their costs. Online casinos have lower overheads, so they can usually afford to give you a payback percentage of around 98%. By spreading your bets, you also lower your risk and increase your odds of winning, as you are staying in the game longer.

Winning Slots Key Tips:

  • Play the game that you enjoy the most
  • Educate yourself about slots
  • Read slots reviews
  • Look for websites offering a high payback percentage
  • Spread your bets

Dream Job vs. Winning Slots tips

To Sum It Up!

Both Winning Slots and your Dream Job are achievable. Winning and success both require significant analysis and diligence. In order to stay ahead of your game is important to do plenty of investigating and background research. In life and in play, you must always have your wits about you and act responsibly and sensibly. With that said, none of these methods will work if you do not enjoy whatever it is that you do. So whether you are having a go on the slots or deciding on a new career path, make sure that you also have plenty of fun!