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Online Baccarat Guide

online baccarat guide

There are so many games to choose from when visiting online casinos. You may have already encountered slots, poker, roulette and other games like bingo or lottery games. Baccarat, however, isn’t as popular as all of these and the reason for this is because the game isn’t nearly as mainstream as poker or slots. No, in fact, the game is one of the most elite casino card games. But before you can become a part of the realm of the exclusive, you need to understand how the game works, what the rules are and how you can adopt strategies to help you win. Here is your complete online baccarat guide to get you where you need to be as a pro player.

The History of Baccarat

The ancient card game hails from Italy, one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The year was somewhere around the 1400’s and the name was derived from the Italian word ‘zero’. Despite thoughts believed to have originated from Italy, there are many who believe there is an oriental attachment to the game, and considering how old the game is, this may very well be a part of the baccarat’s history.

The Objective of Online Baccarat Guide

While the game may appear rather complex to some, it is actually rather simple in nature. Although, while it’s a simple game overall, there are a few crafty methods that could make the game even simpler. But first, you would need to understand what the aim of the game is and luckily it is an easy one to comprehend.

Online Baccarat Guide of Variations

Just like any other popular online casino game, there are a number of variants that have been designed to enthral players the same as the original version of the game. It is a method of enrapturing players who tend to get bored with the same version of the game. Our online baccarat guide of variations lists the most popular of the games and they are as follows:

•American Baccarat
•Baccarat en Banque
•Chemin de Fer
•Mini Baccarat

One thing remains certain, no matter the variation of the game; the basics remain more or less the same. So whichever variation of the game you prefer, enjoy the peace of mind that you needn’t begin your strategy from scratch.

How To Play Baccarat

Now we get into the nitty-gritty, and ironically the easiest, part of the online baccarat guide. The basics of the game involve 8 full decks of cards. Thankfully, to minimize confusion or uncertainty, the game allows for a specifically designed table with a unique layout. This is why the game has been categorized as a casino table game but also involves cards.

Over several players can enjoy the game simultaneously while there is a croupier on the other end of the table as well as 2 dealers to make up for the spirit of the game. Playing online baccarat has the same table layout as well as the same number of players, whether automated or live.

The croupier calls the shots and guides players at the table. The beginning of the game is set in motion by the dealers shuffling all 8 decks of cards together. The croupier then takes control of a rough estimate of 2 decks of cards from the top of the deck and mixes them together.

All the players around the table hold a position and the player in the first spot or position has the option of becoming the banker which gives this player the role of dealing 2 cards for each hand to assure players of the legitimacy of the game.

The game begins now. This is where two hands are dealt with. The 2 hands include the ‘Players Hand’ and the ‘Bankers Hand’. Each of the players needs to predict which hand will score the highest value closest to 9. The trick comes in when the calculations are added up. The left digit of the cards added isn’t considered in baccarat so in other words, if a player had 4 and 9, added together the answer would be 13, so forget the left digit, and boom your answer is 3! The hand with the closest point to 9 wins. It may seem complicated at first but keep in mind that the only the numbers are considered to be significant in the game, well this minimizes complications a great deal. The only factors that feature in baccarat are the numbers and the values when added together. The combination is what determines a win or a loss.

Baccarat Card Values

In order to understand how the cards are added up, you would need to understand what their values are, read below for the online baccarat guide of card values:
Ace – Valued at 1
Cards 2 – 9 Valued at Face Value
10, J, Q, K – Valued at 10

The Game Basics of Online Baccarat

There are two simple basics to understand the game, Big Table Baccarat and Mini Baccarat. The former is more often than not limited to high rollers at land based casinos while the mini version is more recognized online and a whole lot less formal. Depending on the stakes and your preference, one or the other could be the version best suited to your gaming preference.

Win at Baccarat Strategy

There could never be a successful online baccarat guide without a few tips to guide you toward the right strategies in playing baccarat to win. In this you need to remember, there are really only 2 bets. The banker and the player. Your job is to determine which will win bringing the closest total to 9.

The strategy players need to adopt is the same that they would use when playing blackjack. You don’t want to go over, you don’t want to hit on a good hand and you should stand when there is opportunity to. Baccarat may even be simpler as the end goal us to get the closest guess to 9 if there ever was one!