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Slots and Dopamine

Have you ever wondered why there is such major hype around slots, why players who have played even just once, maybe even for free, have succumbed to the magical adrenalized rush from playing slots games? To understand the correlation between dopamine and slots gaming we need to understand the two on two separate planes.

What is Dopamine?

You know that natural high feeling when you are about to go rushing down a zipline or perhaps when you get a promotion after years of employment. These elated feelings are triggered by chemical being released in the brain and dopamine is when your brain reacts to something from the outside world, whether its an activity or an event, dopamine is what triggers that all too good feeling. The very real feeling of joy, happiness, satisfaction and elation is all triggered by a very special part of your brain and that is our fascination with the connection between slot machines and dopamine.

How Slots Gaming Triggers Dopamine

When your dopamine levels are at their highest, it is when a winning combination falls on the reels and your bankroll is boosted. It is one of the biggest contributing factors to the success of slots gaming and why playing even free slots is so massively stimulating, fun and simply put, great!
When you gamble with real cash you stand to lose everything you have bet in a simple spin of the reels. But when you win, you are multiplying your wager by the coin size and all of that is placed in your casino account. The feeling of success comes swiftly, faster than you imagined and this is what slots and dopamine are all about.

Dopamine is the molecule behind our reaction towards events and situations, it is the positive effect we have in our brains which makes us feel good. Anything that makes you feel good from eating chocolate to falling in love, that the effect of dopamine, an incredibly joyful feeling we never want to end.
By winning casino games, our brain’s dopamine neurons are stimulated. Our brains are intelligent and they slowly begin to recognize the pattern relating winning to a good feeling and so the sensation is eventually amplified when you understand how slots work and when you have won a jackpot payout. The more you experience this sensation the more you will begin to recognize it. For example, if you launch an online casino game and you begin to feel that excitement creeping in, this is the dopamine effect taking place.

Dopamine from Slots Promotions

Everything revolving around slots gaming contributes to the dopamine triggered by our brain unknowingly. Even the smallest thing can trigger this effect. Quality gaming delivers a sense of happiness, especially if the casino offers sensational deals.

Exciting offers, available at both online casinos and land based casinos can trigger far more than the euphoric feeling caused by dopamine, this could lead to winning which enhances our entire overall gaming experience. Its the reason why slots gaming has been linked to being a positive impact on our bodies if we control our dopamine effect. Going over your bankroll limit might cause your brain to have a negative experience, killing all dopamine neurons. But with slots gaming, you can manage your bankroll, limit your spending and the game requires very little skill so slots gaming is, in fact, one of the closest positive effects our brains can comprehend and in turn makes us feel secure in our happiness.

We take a look at some of the deals that boost slots players and triggers the dopamine effect.

Match Deposit Bonus Offers

Some of the best sites will match your first bonus with a percentage of a cash reward return. It could be anything from 100% matched on your first deposit up to 25% match deposit bonus on your third or fourth deposit. How this package promotion is tailored will depend on the casino, but the welcome bonus offer is designed to activate our dopamine trigger.

Promotional Offers

Every slots promotion offered from the best online slots sites includes daily promotional deals. These are promotions that are on offer for loyal and regular players, the ones looking for bargains, discounts and free spins. If you are a regular video slots player, this is the kind of deal you should be on the lookout for if you want to experience daily dopamine. While regular sites may offer daily deals, other more innovative ones may deliver a series of challenges to keep players enthralled throughout their promotional deal. This is unmatched and creatively designed to enrapture the audience and feed our brain delivering us into a euphoric state of mind.

Weekly Deals You may have already seen a few of these promotions on various games. What is expected from many of these promotional offers is a daily deal. An example would be saying that every Wednesday there are a number of free spins allocated to players who make a minimal deposit of an allocated amount. These are great for players who frequent video slots games on off days or weekends, it’s a time of the week where players can look forward to playing their favourite video slots games experiencing the true effect of dopamine every week!

Dopamine Motivates You to Win

If you ever felt the urgency to win playing slots, that the dopamine in your brain. It is what is needed to motivate you to win and keep at it until you do. This is more often than not the reason why we are driven to play and feel fantastic when we win, especially if we have motivated ourselves through sign up deals and promotional offers. If this is what it takes to get us those winning combinations, this is what is acceptable and even researched to be possible. So, if it is what motivates us, it’s good to know so we can hone in on it and win!